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"We are not subordinated to anyone, not our client, not the judge and certainly not the government. We don't claim that anyone is below us neither. However we do concede no hierarchical superior above us. There is no distinction between the lowest rank, highest rank and most popular people. Throughout history lawyers have never kept slaves nor recognized masters"

Ömer Durak began his Legal Career as a Legal Counselor, at one of Turkey's most famous and well-known music production Company. Here he specialized on Intellectual and Artistic works and the Music Scene, he also had the chance to work with Turkey's biggest Production Companies and Artists. With the establishment of Omer Durak Law Office in 1999 his career has continued until today.

"Ömer Durak Law Office has a vast experience and accumulation on courts and trails besides the consultancy services it offers to companies and personal clients."

With the re-arrangement of the part about the marital property in Civil Code, the marital property between couples, marital property contracts to be signed between couples during and after marriage, filing divorce and related cases about liquidation of property regime and tracing these cases carefully and consciously in accordance with the new regulations of the Civil Code carries a vital role from the perspective of married couples. With the new regulations of the Civil Code, taking a wrong or a late step may cause for an irreparable damage that can negatively affect the life of one of the couples. For this reason, working with a Law Office which has assimilated the new regulations of marital property of the Civil Code and gained experience on this with it's many cases and has no confusion or lack of experience about the new regulations accordingly is very important for individuals who are thinking of divorce and/or want to gain information about marital property. At this point our office is the right place.

Ömer Durak Law Office, as Intellectual and Artistic works being in the first place, has deepened its experience on Trademark and Patent law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Law of Obligations and Business law and has deepened its experience in many areas and developed its Legal staff.

Ömer Durak Law Office has become one of the most renowned Law Offices around Turkey by shouldering the advocacy of many music and movie artists and the most important movie and television film production companies and as a result gained a unique experience and information on the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works and the number and experience of the lawyers under its structure has grown in line with its increasing client number year by year.

Our office is now shouldering advocacy and consultancy of most important artists, leader production companies and corporations active in international Commercial and Construction market.

Ömer Durak Law Office offers a reliable environment to its clients with its vast lawyer staff who hold working carefully and in detail as principles, experienced and specialized in their fields and in close relationship with their clients where you can contact and ask for help 24 hours a day personally. All of the lawyers working at Ömer Durak Law Office are well experienced and knowledgeable in the law fields Ömer Durak Law Office works on.

Related to giving Law Counseling services to International Companies active in the International Construction and Commercial market for long years, our office is ready to help with its specialized staff for preparation of International Commercial Contracts and conducting contract meetings, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Venture and preparation of similar contracts, making preparations for the Merger and Transfer under the control of the company and preparation of the due diligence report.

Since a lot of companies present in client portfolio of Ömer Durak Law Office are distributors of the most important trademarks and corporations in the world, it has a unique experience about exclusive and non-exclusive distribution contracts, franchise contracts and similar international contracts.

Our office is one of the rare Law Offices with its experience and expertise in hotel management and exploitation contracts.

With the many law suits it pursued for its clients in the below given law fields with its specialized Lawyers in its staff for long years, Ömer Durak Law Office gained enormous case and trial experience.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law
Trademark and Patent Law
Commercial Law
Obligations Law
Civil Code
Business Law
Energy Law
Media - Press Law
Real Estate Law
International Mercantile Law
Competition Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Law of Contracts
Building Laws
Criminal Law

Ömer Durak Law Office also provides consultancy about the Trademark and Patent registration for the issues related to trademark, patent registration, ISO, TSE certification according to its clients need with the lawyers and trademark-patent Attorneys. Our office is well equipped about regulations and Supreme Court practices in the Trademark Law field with the cases it pursued for long years.

Our office undertook the advocacy of many companies about fake and pirate products for long years and in the fake and pirate product market has put its sign under many successful operations with its specialized and experienced staff and realized the termination of millions of fake and pirate products with their arrest and provided the accused people's trials involved in the sales of fake/pirate products. With the struggle it gave for years in fake/pirate product field, our office has gained a respectable circle at both Legal Institutions and Police Centers and thus has achieved reducing bureaucratic obligations to a minimum level that so many companies active in this field face.

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